Test data acquisition

ADACCESS is a French-based subject matter expert specialist in vehicle embedded measurement and energy management study for all type of vehicles but with a strong focus on e-powertrain, HV battery and systems, as well as thermal systems. Our studies are actually based on "innovative" vehicles like BEV, HEV, PHEV, FCV,... regarding the current trend.
ADACCESS has built strong knowledge in vehicle test data acquisition as a result of a state-of-the-art full car embedded instrumentation program followed by comprehensive data acquisition testing (climatic chassis dyno, fast charging, on road and on track rides) and data post-processing. Thanks to its automotive expert team, ADACCESS is able to leverage this data and reveal the most complex vehicle systems management strategies.
You can participate at each study at the beginning of it, in order to enjoy workshop sessions around the dismantled vehicle and define the instrumentation and test plans, as you can also get an immediate access to the data once the project done.
Each study is available individually to order or as a part of an annual subscription including the number of studies chosen for the current year.

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Expert in Democar and Labcar's realization, ADACCESS is involved in the entire V cycle of automotive engineering and ensures the complete management of your project, from its design phase to its final validation.
Our ADACCESS experts create customised prototypes related to the autonomous vehicle (robotisation, perception, etc.), interior comfort (thermal comfort, HVAC integration, etc.), powertrain changes, etc.
Our experience allows us to produce prototypes on a fixed price basis, being as accurate as possible and guaranteeing a functional vehicle within the given time frame.

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HV systems works

Thanks to their accreditation, our technicians and engineers are able to work on High Voltage batteries and systems in order to realize test benches, complete dismantling and dynamic measurements with our embedded instrumentation, which can be integrated up to the cells !

You can entrust us with all types of work on HV systems: dismantling and analysis, preparation of cells for tomography, realization of on-board instrumentation, system safety, ...

Engineering & data post-processing

In addition to our test campaigns, our experts can manage the post-processing of your data and carry out complete analyses and studies.
Our engineers can also carry out all the tests necessary to collect the data needed to calculate, highlight, solve,... your problems.

We also offer several levels of simulation models calibrated using our test data. These models are available using MatLab Simulink or Amesim thanks to our various partners, and we can adapt to your software on request.

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